My frugal wedding

I found a $600 dress that was marked down to $150. On top of that I got an additional 20 percent marked off because my mother worked at the store. I found my wedding veil in the same store for $15.00 which was originally $60. The photographer was someone who did it as a second job. He and his wife had their studio in their basement and their work was very professional. He was extremely reasonable. I only had one attendant.

I found her dress on a clearance rack at Penney’s for $10.00. It had originally been around $100. My mother made the groom cake. I purchased the wedding cake from a bakery. I picked up the cake myself from the bakery. My cousin made the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquet. Flowers were expensive but I didn’t have a lot of those, just a few to decorate the front.