My aunt is a florist

Well my aunt is a florist so she did the flowers as a gift, my brother sings at weddings so that was free,one of my best friends is an organist and she decided she would rather play than be in the wedding. My parents slaughtered a cow for the reception for meatballs and friends and family made the rest of the food. My parents paid their Sunday School class @$100 to serve the food. MY dad and 3 three brothers are foremen so the hall was free., For photos I just used this local guy and our pictures turned out wonderful. He also let us make payments so we sent what we could every week for a year.I think we paid a couple of hundred dollars.

As I said before my gown was only $200 and we bought nice but inexpensive gifts for the wedding party. My hubby’s uncle is a pastor and he married us as our gift. We did the same with our honeymoon hotel(the yikes $250 a night one) so it was taken care of ahead of time. Of course once we got tho the honeymoon we decided for some reason we were allowed to buy whatever we wanted with credit cards because we would never do it again(no kidding I am probably still paying for it). We had a friend play Christian music that we had taped at hte reception so that was free.This is possible the only thing I would have changed.

People thought that was kind of lame and I felt like people left early because of it. It could have all been my imagination though as the night just seemed to fly by. All the people were gone and me and hubby were still there. We stayed to help clean up then went home and took a swim before leaving for our hotel (i think we were both a little nervous about leaving) We only drove about an hour to a little town called Baskerville to a Days Inn then went on to spend our lives into debt. What happened???? We started so frugally.