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You can take books out from the library

We own several because Dana makes things for our girls, but they’re all quite old and out of print now, I’d just look up “doll house” in your library’s card catalog. As for decorating, stores that sell wallpaper will give you the old sample books if you ask ahead of time, there’s your mismatched paints, there’s little aida cross-stich pieces stitched with crewel thread to look like those braided rugs or oriental rugs, depending on what kind of decor you’re looking for in this doll house.

For draperies, you can check the remnant bins at your local sewing store – I like the independents rather than places like Jo-Ann’s or Hancock’s because of fond memories of a little place called George’s Textiles in Lowell, MA – they had 1/4 yard bits and pieces of lace, velvet, fabulous silks and satins… Very posh. 1/4 yard is enough to upholster the furnishings and put up drapes in any doll house room, and possibly even make a little outfit for one of the dollhouse people, though more likely little accessories for decorating…

one Christmas tree light bulb in a spool of thread with perhaps a little piece of metal tubing put in and a piece of coat hanger wire to hold up the bulb and the lampshade, and make the lampshade out of leftover bits of cloth… possibly hot-glued to a paper cup with the bottom cut out if you’re really feeling ambitious.

A matchbox on toothpick legs, with a little paper cup chair with a “padded” upholstered seat and a “skirt” ( think cotton ball for the padding ), and a “skirt” on the little “vanity”, a tiny picture frame with a piece of flattened-out shiney-side-up tin foil in it… and Voila! A nice touch to a boudoir. Fake flowers can be bought 3 bunches for $1 at just about any store with a crafts department – those adorable bunches of miniature rose buds are great for tying curtain swags and valances in a doll house, as well as in teeny vases ( stiff clear plastic tubing cut into little pieces ).

If you have one of the can openers that takes the whole top off of the can rather than just the center portion, AND you can weld, you can weld coat-hanger-wire legs onto the bottom of a tin can top, add a circle of fabric, and Voila! a table… Also works nicely with strange-shaped can tops, like ham cans and sardine cans. 😀 I can think of more, I’m sure, but that’s probably WAY more than enough to start with, right? 😀

Doll Houses

Hi all – i was lucky enough to be come the owner of a doll house about 18 months ago. it is one of those kits that someone had built (could have done a better job though) – it was donated to a church bazaar for the yard sale section but it was getting crushed because people were dropping off stuff an d putting it on it. I offered to buy it and the girl in charge told me to just take it as i was doing tons of volunteer work with her and it was going to get ruined if left in the garage.

Any how i am looking fro sites with idea on decorating it or any one who has some tips about making stuff for it myself- i bought some paint at Sears for 97c from their mismixed paints sectioned so i have several colors of paint.

I am giant to have to do sanding ( which the original owner neglected to do as they made it ) and some minor repairs i bought some ” wallpaper ” for it at 50% off at AC Moore the other day but i looked at it and i figured i could probably make more by printing out designs on the putter.

Any other frugal creative ideas ??

Cleaning radiators?

I know this is the last thing that some of you down south want to discuss but I’m still on the quest for lowering my heating bill and don’t want to wait until there is snow on the ground take the necessary steps.

My question for today relates to radiators. Does anyone know if cleaning the insides of the radiators will help with efficiency? If so, does anyone know the best way to do so? I’m planning on having my boiler cleaned and service next month and am hoping that this will make a big difference.

I am spending $1200 a year on my natural gas bill and would like to decrease it to less then $900. I’m going to be putting plastic on the windows and I know that this will help a lot. Also for ceiling fans, I forget if it is clockwise in the winter or counterclockwise? We have them through our whole house but have never used them in the winter.

I’m also having an energy/gas audit done for free by the local electric company where they will install up to $30 worth of energy savers in your home and give you tips on how to conserve.

I just wanted to let everyone know since maybe your local company has the same programs.

I will share any tips that I get from them with you I’m sure some things that will help for heat will also help to keep you houses cooler in the summer.

I called some of the photographers

I called some of the photographers from the free city paper as well as from the local university (Indiana University) and got a great photographer for cheap. One other thing I forgot to mention was that I didn’t want per-recorded music at our outside ceremony and i had my heart set on a string quartet. I called the local university’s music department and was put in touch with several students who sent us tapes to “audition”.

We were able to provide beautiful music for around one hundred dollars. Since we didn’t pay to reserve the amphitheater and needed virtually no decoration/flowers for it this is basically all the ceremony cost and the music was just so beautiful out in the middle of the forest overlooking the valley that it really did make the ceremony.