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Looks like DH is in a downward spiral

For today you have food in the house, a roof over your head and clothing on your body. Somehow, it is not enough for DH, who might see his success in terms of how much he wants as opposed to how little he needs. Give him all the support he needs, just don’t get into more debt.

If you aren’t allowed to work in order to receive adoption support, why would you not use that money to help feed, cloth and shelter your family? Don’t get into more debt.

Unless you and DH are able to come up with a mutually agreeable financial plan to get over this crisis, it will continue indefinitely.

Money and debt problems are sometimes no different than drug addiction or alcoholism. I feel stuck, trapped and unwhole if I do not leave the house with money in my pocket, even if its only a dollar. And I have to spend it. I have to buy something. If I don’t have any money, I’d rather not go out. I’m getting better but it is still tough. Don’t get into more debt.