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You can take books out from the library

We own several because Dana makes things for our girls, but they’re all quite old and out of print now, I’d just look up “doll house” in your library’s card catalog. As for decorating, stores that sell wallpaper will give you the old sample books if you ask ahead of time, there’s your mismatched paints, there’s little aida cross-stich pieces stitched with crewel thread to look like those braided rugs or oriental rugs, depending on what kind of decor you’re looking for in this doll house.

For draperies, you can check the remnant bins at your local sewing store – I like the independents rather than places like Jo-Ann’s or Hancock’s because of fond memories of a little place called George’s Textiles in Lowell, MA – they had 1/4 yard bits and pieces of lace, velvet, fabulous silks and satins… Very posh. 1/4 yard is enough to upholster the furnishings and put up drapes in any doll house room, and possibly even make a little outfit for one of the dollhouse people, though more likely little accessories for decorating…

one Christmas tree light bulb in a spool of thread with perhaps a little piece of metal tubing put in and a piece of coat hanger wire to hold up the bulb and the lampshade, and make the lampshade out of leftover bits of cloth… possibly hot-glued to a paper cup with the bottom cut out if you’re really feeling ambitious.

A matchbox on toothpick legs, with a little paper cup chair with a “padded” upholstered seat and a “skirt” ( think cotton ball for the padding ), and a “skirt” on the little “vanity”, a tiny picture frame with a piece of flattened-out shiney-side-up tin foil in it… and Voila! A nice touch to a boudoir. Fake flowers can be bought 3 bunches for $1 at just about any store with a crafts department – those adorable bunches of miniature rose buds are great for tying curtain swags and valances in a doll house, as well as in teeny vases ( stiff clear plastic tubing cut into little pieces ).

If you have one of the can openers that takes the whole top off of the can rather than just the center portion, AND you can weld, you can weld coat-hanger-wire legs onto the bottom of a tin can top, add a circle of fabric, and Voila! a table… Also works nicely with strange-shaped can tops, like ham cans and sardine cans. 😀 I can think of more, I’m sure, but that’s probably WAY more than enough to start with, right? 😀