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I had a really frugal wedding

It was a suprise wedding!

My dh and I called our parents and told them we were getting married and where, and if they wanted to be there they were welcome to come.

I bought a street length dress for about $25 or so. Hubby wore his nice suit. We had called the church and talked to the pastor about him marrying us in his office. I also spent about $30 on flowers.

When we got to the church, they had planned a whole fancy wedding. My aunt had made a viel, they had flowers, candles, a pianist…. the whole works..

Another aunt brought a cake…. Since this was my husbands church I didn’t know anyone but my family that came.

My family gave us a honeymoon, paying for the hotel room and giving us cash to sight see. We also recieved money as gifts, so we started out our married life debt free.

Another thing about our wedding, the photos were taken by a friend and that was their wedding gift to us, which I thought was wonderful. Family members video taped it also and the musicians during the wedding ceremony were my cousins so no charges there either.