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Monthly Archives: Jan 2016

Sometimes you just gotta laugh…

Okay, I knew you guys could appreciate this story…LOL A few weeks ago, our van broke down. We think it needs a new transmission, and who can afford THAT? not us! So it is sitting, dead, at my sister’s house. In the meantime, we have all been piling into dh’s car…the two of us, a very long-legged 13 year old, a very sturdy 10 year old, and the baby in his car seat. 🙂 So far, so good.

THEN, dh comes to the new soap studio today to pick me up and says, “You aren’t gonna believe it. The alternator on the car is going out.” So…we drive the car (which is going progressively slower) to my friend Liz’s house, who luckily lives nearby, and borrow her Isuzu Pup for a couple of days until we can get the car fixed. Drop the car off at the garage, and here is where I start laughing hysterically…imagine fitting a good-sized car seat (you know how BULKY those thing are!), an irritable, car-less man, and a fairly pregnant woman into the tiny little seat of a Pup, which of course is also a stick shift, so not only do I have to squish way up against the car seat, the stick is also hitting me in the rear every time he shifts into 2nd or 4th gear. On a hot day, and with a bunch of groceries which were either on the WIC list or from the bargain bread store.

Halfway home, while I was *trying* valiantly NOT to just burst into semi-hysterical giggles, DH says, “Well, now I *really* feel low-income…I’m driving an Isuzu Pup with 2 seat belts, a floor full of WIC and day old bread stuff, AND you’re pregnant!!” I just lost it…haven’t laughed so hard in ages. And I didn’t tell him that the plates were expired on the truck! LOLOL Ah well, I am blaming it all on hormones and my refusal to give up in the face of these circumstances. 🙂 It just struck me as so funny…I kept thinking of the old television shows, where the trucks are piled high with kids and dogs and chickens and all….lololol…

I need to go lay down, methinks!