We did the same thing

…..but in defense of “elopements” everywhere, I do want to say that I remember my wedding fondly. A lovely family who’s daughter was married before us took a handful of “wedding pictures” for us on our disposable camera (the humorous part was that they did not speak English and we did not speak Spanish but the moment didn’t really need any words.) The courthouse was a beautiful old building and the court chambers were marble and wood with vaulted ceilings and windows. Very awe-inspiring.

We “eloped” on purpose; families were not overjoyed but neither of us wanted all the fuss. We viewed it as a personal ceremony between the two of us and the symbolic start of our life’s partnership. Kind of a “leave and cleave” thing.

Although, maybe Dh would be better about remembering our anniversary if it had come with more “pomp and circumstance”.

I am sure that you did what you could at the time! But I would like to bring up this point. My stepson got married really young, about 19 and he was in the navy. They got married in a big navy chapel, but it was undergoing construction and they had a personal friend take the pictures. I tried to tactifully bring up these points, but no one listened and that is OK. However, I still get haunted everytime his wife says, “I wish we had some decent pictures of out wedding”.

She is such a wonderful DIL and they have a great marraiage and she has been the most wonderful mother, documenting everything of their lives, but this is a void that no one can fill. Their wedding pictures are a joke, the background looks like a subdivision going up and the pictures were awful – and yet she was the most beautiful bride. This is a moment that she can not recapture. When I got married, we didn’t have videos, but we did pay for a professional photographer. This was money well-spent, but very hard to come by. I think he had our pictures for 3 years before we finally got all of them!

What you may consider cute and thrifty now, may not be the issue later when you wish that you had meaningful pictures. I thank the Lord everyday for the pictures that I had taken with my grandmothers. My DIL had a grandmother come over from Italy, at a great financial sacrifice, to not even be included in the pictures. All I am saying is, make a list of the pxs you want and make sure that your friend realizes the importance. These moments can not be captured again.

BTW, I am in no way connected to a photographer!!! LOL But every time I go to a friend’s open house at Christmas, I am GREEN WITH ENVY that I didn’t take a px of my son in his little choir robe when he was 4 or 5, during the Christmas programs. Her pxs of her children during different Christmas activities ARE PART of her decorations and they are so precious!!!!precious!!!!

My DH and I eloped and thought it was wonderful. I bought a new dress at the Penney’s outlet store for $20, new shoes for $10. He wore his dress whites. We snuck off to Laverne’s Wedding Parlor over the state line, got married by a Baptist minister, I had a bouquet of silk flowers and they took our picture for us as part of the package and we spent about $100 for all of our clothes, licenses, picture and minister.

My DH can quote the vows word for word to this day and even after 11 years, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to find him tracing figures 8’s on my back because the vows had a part about interlocking circles like the figure 8.

We laughingly went to the 7-11 after the ceremony and bought Twinkies for wedding cake along with a bottle of Spumonti and stayed overnight at the local Super 8. It was wonderful for us. I’m very glad we eloped but I do understand some people have always dreamed of a large wedding. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

I had a really frugal wedding

It was a suprise wedding!

My dh and I called our parents and told them we were getting married and where, and if they wanted to be there they were welcome to come.

I bought a street length dress for about $25 or so. Hubby wore his nice suit. We had called the church and talked to the pastor about him marrying us in his office. I also spent about $30 on flowers.

When we got to the church, they had planned a whole fancy wedding. My aunt had made a viel, they had flowers, candles, a pianist…. the whole works..

Another aunt brought a cake…. Since this was my husbands church I didn’t know anyone but my family that came.

My family gave us a honeymoon, paying for the hotel room and giving us cash to sight see. We also recieved money as gifts, so we started out our married life debt free.

Another thing about our wedding, the photos were taken by a friend and that was their wedding gift to us, which I thought was wonderful. Family members video taped it also and the musicians during the wedding ceremony were my cousins so no charges there either.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh…

Okay, I knew you guys could appreciate this story…LOL A few weeks ago, our van broke down. We think it needs a new transmission, and who can afford THAT? not us! So it is sitting, dead, at my sister’s house. In the meantime, we have all been piling into dh’s car…the two of us, a very long-legged 13 year old, a very sturdy 10 year old, and the baby in his car seat. 🙂 So far, so good.

THEN, dh comes to the new soap studio today to pick me up and says, “You aren’t gonna believe it. The alternator on the car is going out.” So…we drive the car (which is going progressively slower) to my friend Liz’s house, who luckily lives nearby, and borrow her Isuzu Pup for a couple of days until we can get the car fixed. Drop the car off at the garage, and here is where I start laughing hysterically…imagine fitting a good-sized car seat (you know how BULKY those thing are!), an irritable, car-less man, and a fairly pregnant woman into the tiny little seat of a Pup, which of course is also a stick shift, so not only do I have to squish way up against the car seat, the stick is also hitting me in the rear every time he shifts into 2nd or 4th gear. On a hot day, and with a bunch of groceries which were either on the WIC list or from the bargain bread store.

Halfway home, while I was *trying* valiantly NOT to just burst into semi-hysterical giggles, DH says, “Well, now I *really* feel low-income…I’m driving an Isuzu Pup with 2 seat belts, a floor full of WIC and day old bread stuff, AND you’re pregnant!!” I just lost it…haven’t laughed so hard in ages. And I didn’t tell him that the plates were expired on the truck! LOLOL Ah well, I am blaming it all on hormones and my refusal to give up in the face of these circumstances. 🙂 It just struck me as so funny…I kept thinking of the old television shows, where the trucks are piled high with kids and dogs and chickens and all….lololol…

I need to go lay down, methinks!